Construction debris remains after repairs or general cleaning, and such waste must be properly disposed of. It is often quite difficult to cope with it on your own – which, however, is not necessary. Kolaäravedu provides such a high-quality construction waste removal service in Tallinn (as well as the Harjumaa region).

What is construction waste?

Construction waste is the waste that remains after the demolition of emergency buildings, major repairs, as well as restoration and reconstruction works. Such waste must be disposed of immediately or reused for recycling. Such waste includes wood, plastic, concrete. Some types of construction waste can be reused, while others require disposal of construction waste to a landfill.

As a rule, construction waste does not belong to hazardous waste, however, poisonous paints can be used during construction – such garbage must be disposed of in specialized containers.

Main categories of construction waste

Construction waste is classified as follows:

  • conditioned waste
  • off-grade garbage
  • construction waste itself

The first type is any constructive items that can be reused for the repair, reconstruction or construction of buildings and structures. As for the second type, it is garbage that is suitable for processing into building materials. It can also be used in construction and is also suitable for renovations. As for the actual construction waste, this type must be disposed of, since it is not suitable for being reused.

In addition, construction waste can be classified according to dimensions:

  • large waste that needs to be removed first
  • packaging elements from building materials that can be accumulated at the construction site for subsequent disposal
  • secondary waste that is formed after the finishing of the premises and whose removal is carried out after finishing works

These wastes are strictly forbidden to be taken out on their own to an impromptu landfill, and the first and partially second categories cannot be placed in containers for household waste: municipal equipment is not designed to dispose of this kind of waste. After all, we are talking about large-sized garbage. In addition, not all types from this classification can be reused – this also needs to be known and taken into account.

Our company carries out the removal of construction waste, Tallinn and the Harjumaa region are the regions in which we operate. Construction waste is transported in minibuses and vans.

Thanks to Kolaäravedu, you do not have to think about such things as the removal of household and construction waste – we will do everything for you, providing high quality services. At the same time, we offer loyal prices for waste disposal: it ranges from 36 euros / h to 52 euros / h, depending on the volume and resources used (the need to involve loaders, the type of transport used) + the price for garbage disposal, which is 30 euros per cubic meter meter in the landfill.


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