Deprecated items just litter the area without any benefit. Kolaäravedu will remove your old household appliances, metal and scrap metal.
If you need to export scrap metal in Tallinn or Harju County, you can always contact our company. In addition, our specialists will be happy to answer your questions regarding waste disposal.

Classification of scrap metal

Scrap metal that can be accepted as waste includes the following items:

  • trailers, spare parts and assemblies
  • Agricultural implements
  • Old utensils for the kitchen (pans, pots), knives, accessories for hunting and fishing
  • Tools
  • Bicycles and motorcycles
  • Metal structures and rolled metal waste

On our website you can order scrap metal recycling at loyal prices, and our specialists will be able to advise you on issues of interest.

Classification of household appliances

As for old household appliances that can be accepted as garbage, these include:

  • refrigerators, air conditioners and freezers
  • washing machines
  • TVs and TV tuners
  • mobile phones, smartphones
  • coffee makers and electric coffee grinders, hair dryers
  • other household appliances

Removing refrigerators is a rather complicated process that is not advisable to do on your own. The fact is that in the composition of this household appliance there is a dangerous substance – freon, with which it is necessary to work correctly. Our company carries out the removal of refrigerators, because the specialists working for us know how to handle this or that household appliance, including those containing freon.

The removal of washing machines is a less complicated process, since this household appliance does not contain freon, but otherwise it is similar to the disposal of the first category of household appliances. As for the recycling of old TVs and phones, this process is simple, and our company also carries out their export.

You can order all these services on our website, we will provide high-quality recycling of scrap metal and household appliances.

The waste that people leave behind is one of the main problems in the modern world, which our company will help to solve if your region is Tallinn and Harju County. We provide the removal of household appliances and scrap metal, as well as other types of garbage on favorable terms. In addition to quality, Kolaäravedu boasts loyal prices. Order the removal of old equipment directly on our website. You can also contact us for advice – our specialists will be happy to answer your questions regarding waste disposal.

As for the price of this type of waste, our company charges only a fee for the removal service. Thus, the final price will be 36-52 euros / h, depending on the volume, transport used and the number of movers. There is no charge for landfill disposal.


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