People create a huge amount of garbage every day that needs to be disposed of in order not to harm the environment and humanity itself.

Kolaäravedu is a garbage disposal company in Tallinn, Harju County. This includes mixed household waste. Speaking about the types of garbage, it is worth noting that it is classified into the following types:

  • Household waste
  • Debris
  • Industrial waste

Our company provides high-quality services for the removal for disposal of each type of waste, for example, the removal of old things as well. Thanks to the competent disposal of garbage, many problems that directly affect the quality of life disappear.

Household waste

Household waste is the most common. This includes items that people throw away every day: paper, bags, leftover food, old things, plastic. These wastes are generally non-hazardous (non-toxic). Garbage of this kind is taken out on special vehicles, delivering it to landfills, where it is either processed or incinerated. The harmful impact on the environment is minimal.

Construction debris

This type of waste is the result of the construction of buildings and structures (apartment buildings, shopping malls, enterprises). And since today this happens very often, then the garbage is also added. In addition, this is the waste that remains after the destruction of buildings and structures. As a rule, these include:

  • Concrete
  • Tree
  • Plastic

Regarding the harmfulness of this type of garbage, it is worth noting that paints that can be poisonous are often used in the construction of buildings and structures. For this reason, this kind of waste is disposed of in specially designed containers to minimize the harm to the environment and humanity.

Industrial waste

As for industrial waste, this is the most dangerous type of waste. It all depends, of course, also on the enterprises in which it was used. This waste, if not properly disposed of, can cause not only illness, but even death.


Garbage is one of the main problems in the modern world, but not so terrible with a rational approach. To do this, you need to use quality services. For example, contact our company.

We provide garbage collection services in Tallinn, Harju County. Regarding the price for the removal of mixed household waste for this service, it is taken from 36 euros / h to 52 euros / h, to which 30 euros per cubic meter of garbage are added for disposal at a landfill.

The cost of the service depends on the volume, the need to involve a loader and their number, as well as the type of transport used. This, as we can see, is more than loyal for high quality services. You can easily order garbage disposal services on our website.


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