People create a huge amount of garbage every day that needs to be disposed of in order not to harm the environment and humanity itself.
Garbage is a problem of the modern world, the development of civilization. But it ceases to be a headache if you order waste collection from trusted organizations. This is the company Kolaäravedu, which provides high-quality services for the disposal of garbage, which in turn leaves behind a person. If your region is Harjumaa, or you live in Tallinn, we will be happy to help you get rid of excess garbage of various categories. In particular, from paper, cardboard, plastic and mixed containers.

Basic rules for throwing waste into containers for separate waste collection

Do not put in a special container for paper recycling:

  • cardboard and paper that are stained or soaked with water
  • paper utensils that have been used
  • waste paper
  • Film and cardboard containers for liquid
  • carbon paper and foil

For these categories it is necessary to order waste disposal. The same applies to the following types of waste that must not be placed in a biodegradable waste container:

  • paper coated with film or wax, as well as metal, glass, cigarette butts, film
  • large bones
  • dairy and liquid products (soup, sauces, vegetable oil)
  • all garbage that is not biodegradable

As for the tare container, you can’t put here:

  • plastic toys
  • containers from hazardous substances (in particular, from household chemicals), aerosol packages
  • light bulbs
  • a container with leftover food
  • window and plate glass

For all these items, you need to organize garbage collection – which you can do at Kolaäravedu in Tallinn, Harju County.

Beneficial cooperation

Kolaäravedu provides high-quality disposal of various types of waste in Tallinn and Harju County. Rubbish, which has become a problem of the civilized world, will no longer be your headache – just entrust it to us.

In addition to quality, our company also provides loyal prices for the service of exporting various categories of waste. You can ask all your questions regarding our work to our specialists – they will be happy to advise you.

The price for this type of waste does not involve the collection of fees for disposal at a landfill, we charge only a fee for the removal service, which is 36 euros / h – 52 euros / h. The final cost depends on the volume of transport used (minibus or van), and the number of loaders.


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