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Assembling and installing furniture from highly skilled professionals is something that can eliminate many of the problems that usually arise if people decide to do it themselves. Indeed, in this case, the risk of incorrect combination of items increases. In addition, self-assembly of furniture carries the risk of using defective or damaged fasteners, which is not observed if highly qualified specialists work. Turn to Kolaäravedu to take the hassle out of assembling and installing furniture.
Specialists working in Kolaäravedu have the appropriate skills and experience, will arrive at the agreed place on time, and will also perform installation work promptly. In addition, upon completion of the work, our company employees do not leave garbage and cluttered territory, taking away all waste and packaging materials. Our company carries out professional assembly and installation of furniture in Tallinn and Harjumaa. It is carried out for all types of products: cabinets, tables, bedside tables, modular sets, beds. In addition, there are no restrictions on the type of premises, whether it is assembling a kitchen or installing furniture in a bedroom – Kolaäravedu specialists show high professional skills when working.

Why order professional furniture assembly?

Installation of furniture by professionals has a number of advantages in comparison with self-assembly:

  • Assembly is carried out using professional tools, which eliminates damage to furniture when attaching parts
  • The performer will not be injured, which is very often the case with self-assembly of furniture
  • After installation, experts must check the ease of opening doors and drawers
  • Furniture installation can be ordered at a loyal price by contacting our company

Main stages of furniture assembly

Furniture assembly is carried out according to the following scheme:

  • Unpacking and checking parts;
  • Studying assembly instructions, drawings and diagrams;
  • Install.

Our specialists are especially attentive to the assembly of suspended products, since not only safety, but also durability depends on the reliability of fastening. Upon completion of the installation, the assembler carries out the removal of packaging materials that remain after work.

Kitchen installation

Most often, problems arise precisely with the assembly of the kitchen. Installation of kitchen furniture includes the following steps:

  • Preparatory work, checking components, fittings and fasteners, selecting the tools that will be needed for installation
  • Assembly of frames and setting it to the required level, connecting to each other
  • Installation of nightstands and interiors
  • Cutting parts for utilities
  • Hanging on top cabinets
  • Installation and alignment (adjustment) of doors

With the specialists working in our company, you will not have any problems on issues such as installing furniture in a particular room.


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